AISCOUT unveils opportunities in “lots of different corners in football”

In an interview for InsiderSport, COO and Head of Sports Science at AISCOUT, Richard Felton, talked about the opportunities in football and how his company is helping players explore them. 

Grasping the size of the game and the role of technology in it, Felton explained: “There’s some 300 million registered players at FIFA, 211 member nations playing national football, it’s a global sport. Technology is always going to help close that world for us so that more people can enjoy it, more people can access opportunities.”

On how AISCOUT comes into play and directs people to these opportunities, Felton said: “Every player can download AISCOUT for free, and that’s a really important distinction for us. To be able to increase the opportunity for everyone, you need to reduce the financial or the location barrier, which a lot of people have. 

“Anyone can download the app, everyone gets the same opportunity to do the same trials that are inside the app, so we can help players get better and help their standard go up. 

“Actually, if their data is good enough, the clubs we work with are going to have access to that data and see players they did know about but should be looking at.”

Currently, AISCOUT enjoys a large customer base that includes multiple clubs and organisational fotball bodies from several regions across the globe. 

“We’re on the FIFA Innovation Program, there’s only seven programmes in the world right now in it,” Felton noted. “Premier League wise, we’ve got Chelsea, the likes of Burnley, Nottingham Forest, down to Colchester, so we go right through the football pyramid. 

“There’s other opportunities with Olympiacos in Greece, there’s even MLS teams. Lots of interest in lots of different corners in football.”

Author: Peter Owens