Crate train your puppy.

Putting your puppy in a crate may not seem like a way to show her you love her; however, when done properly, crate training will help your puppy see her crate as a place of comfort and security, not punishment. In addition, crate training will teach your puppy not to urinate inside the house, since she will not want to urinate where she sleeps.

Set up her sleeping area near where you sleep.

If you have just brought your puppy home, it will be very important to help him feel safe in his new environment. This will probably be the first time he has been away from his siblings and mother, so he may begin to experience separation anxiety. To relieve this anxiety, you should arrange his sleeping area near or inside your bedroom.

Give your puppy “creature comforts.”

Your puppy will feel safer in your home if you give her items that have scents of her new family. For example, you could give her a pillow case or old item of clothing that smells like you or another member of your family. The more familiar she becomes with your scent, the more relaxed and secure she will feel in her new environment and with her new “pack.”


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